Maker – Omni-Lift
Item – Copper Oxide, Chemicals
Case History #102

In 1999 a SC synthetic assembling plant reached Carolina Material Technologies (CMT) needing a conveying framework that wouldn’t corrupt their item, copper oxide. The item required to have been conveyed from a dryer, 45′ vertical to a screener and afterward convey this last, screened item from a flood canister to their stowing activity.

Existing Problem
The organization had introduced a pneumatic conveying framework in September of 1999 and immediately observed that their item was being debased by the pneumatic passing framework on to a place where it couldn’t be sold. The organization frantically required an answer and required this right away.

The Solution
The organization reached CMT, whom they had worked with before. Their requirements included:

  • Conveying from the dryer, 12′ evenly, in the x-plane.
  • Conveying 5′ evenly in the y-plane.
  • Passing 45′ in an upward direction on to the screener.
  • Conveying from the flood canister 6′ on a level plane, 25′ in an upward direction and 6′ evenly.
  • Convey the item without debasement.

Z-Configuration Packaging Conveyor

Omni-Lift’s specialty belt transports were immediately recognized as the best answer for this application. Omni-Lift’s belts are a one-piece shaped plan, which use “fingers” to convey the item, even at 90-degree slants. The transports can be arranged in straight, “L” and “Z” designs and are adequately proficient to convey water.

Testing was performed at Omni-Lift’s office Aluminium Profile System in something like multi week with tests got back to the client for endorsement. Endorsement was quickly given and three specialty belt transports were requested to meet the above prerequisites.


  • The framework was introduced in February of 2001.
  • Computerized creation started promptly with in-spec item.
  • A production line prepared delegate made a change in accordance with the conveying speed during startup.
  • The framework has performed with almost zero support, permitting the client to create solid, in-spec item from the very first moment.

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