What is one of the best things about online games? They are a great tool to interest the child to learn. Puffgames is a site that offers some educational games that are sure to interest the child and make the learn the fun and easy way. What is best about the whole thing is that these games are for free.

Teaching a child how to identify colors can be difficult if the right approach is not used by the teacher. The great thing about the games in this site is that they are really designed with kids in mind. The approach is to have fun while learning and because many parents have seen the benefits of these educational games, many teachers in some localities actually encourage the children in the classrooms to log into the site. They find that by having something interesting teach them, the computer, the children are more interested in the learning process.

Take for example the MindShuffle Christmas, this is a memory game that encourages children of all ages to think about what they see and identify it the next time they encounter it. The images shuffle and the children are again encouraged to find the card that has the image which แทงบอลออนไลน์ is being asked of them.

Then there is the hand-eye motor coordination game of Mi Caminho. Here, the children are taught to coordinate their hands with the mouse and lead the cursor over to the path that would take them to the end of the level.

There is also the Brain Waves game which can challenge the way the brain works. The different shapes have to be challenged with multitasking activities designed to stimulate different areas of the brain. The player has to match the shapes indicated with those given as choices. The player has to be a quick thinker. The speed, accuracy, perception, reactions, memory and coordination are all tested in this fantastic game. And one thing to point out, it may be designed for kids, but this game is a challenge for an over thinking adult.

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